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Blue Colored Diamonds

Diamond Certificates

Diamond certificates from independent organizations such as the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) provide a diamond grading report, that gives you valuable information about the 4 C's that were taken into consideration when the diamond was priced.

It's important that you be sure to get the diamond's certificate that you are interested in.

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Reasons to have Diamond Certificates

How do you know your diamond is certified?

Certificates and Appraisals

While understanding the 4 C’s in determining how to buy a diamond, you should also learn how to read diamond certificates. These certificates describe in detail the facts about the diamond in its unmounted state. Perhaps you have a specific diamond you want to have professionally appraised by an independent organization.

Diamond appraisals diamond buyers information

Diamonds are Forever

diamond anniversary ringSome time ago you both made a promise. A promise to each other. Now it’s time to recognise that you both meant that promise, and that now you both still mean it.

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Blue Colored Diamonds

Blue Diamond The Rarest And The Priciest

A natural diamond like blue diamond and the rest of the natural fancy colored diamonds are rare and if available, they come with the high tag price.Yes, they are sometimes available in the market, but they are so rare to the extent that most of the jewelers have never seen one.

The blue colored diamond sometimes varies in hues

One of the most common hues is the deep aquamarine. Diamonds with this color seem to look better in appearance with more color saturation. There are some that are too pale, known as little aquas. They do not look great on smaller stones, but they boast their beauty in large stones.

There is also the so called green tinge. But unlike the deep aquamarine, the green tinge colored diamond is not that favored, although they tend to be attractive. It is for this reason that green tinge diamond is not so common.

Aside from deep aquamarine and green tinge, the Gemological Institute of America has made eight distinct color saturation grades for the blue diamond. These colors include very light, light, fancy light, fancy, intense, deep, dark, and vivid. Certain color combinations, however, was discovered, such as the gray blue and the green blue. Well, according to some studies, these colors found in blue diamonds can be accounted to the stones boron content. It is actually the mineral, boron, which makes such color variations possible.

The blue colored diamond has several forms

Just like the colorless and the rest of the colored gemstones, the blue diamond is produced in different cuts and shapes.The most well known is the round brilliant, which is but considered as the modern form. There is also the heart or romantic shape, which is designed as a modification of the round brilliant cut. For those who are romantics, this kind of cut and shape will surely suit your needs. In addition, this diamond sometimes comes in pear shape. This shape is to some degree similar to the heart shape in that it is also a modification of the round brilliant.

Today, certain modern shapes were developed for blue diamonds. Of the available, the princess cut is the most well known. It attracts thousands of customers worldwide mainly for its unique combination of square with the brilliance of a brilliant cut. Aside from princess, there is also the so called Marquise or Navette cut, which has long been deemed as better in fancy colored diamonds than in plain vanilla. Just like the basic shapes, the marquise cut is an adaptation of the round brilliant.

The blue colored diamond has varying weight

The blue diamond further varies in carat weight and the degree of clarity. The carat weigh, however, do not necessary denotes the quality of it. It just defines the diamond by its weight. But clarity, on the other hand, counts much. Just like the cut and color, it affects the quality and price of the blue diamond. As what many have said, the clearer the diamond is, the better it sparks and the higher it costs. Most of these diamonds today are sold more expensive than the near colorless ones.

They are often treated to obtain the desired color, and that several treatments for this gemstone have been formulated and sold for the jewelers to use.

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