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3 Stone Diamond Rings

Diamond Certificates

Diamond certificates from independent organizations such as the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) provide a diamond grading report, that gives you valuable information about the 4 C's that were taken into consideration when the diamond was priced.

It's important that you be sure to get the diamond's certificate that you are interested in. You could be paying more than the market value of the diamond.

Diamond Certificates and Appraisals

While understanding the 4 C’s in determining how to buy a diamond, you should also learn how to read diamond certificates. These certificates describe in detail the facts about the diamond in its unmounted state. Perhaps you have a specific diamond you want to have professionally appraised by an independent organization.

Diamond appraisals diamond buyers information

Diamonds are Forever

diamond anniversary ringSome time ago you both made a promise. A promise to each other. Now it’s time to recognise that you both meant that promise, and that now you both still mean it.

Diamond Anniversary Rings diamond buyers information

3 stone diamond engagement ringsSleek styling and hand made in Platinum - 3 stone diamond ring

Stately and elegant, this three stone ring says yesterday, today, tomorrow, and forever as well as any ring can. Always scaled to each customers finger size and stone dimensions. Ring shown with 2ct. center and .50ct.each side stones,G color VS clarity. He will reign over your heart if he shows up with this beauty. Can be manufactured in white gold or in platinum. Check our loose diamonds pages to select your beautiful stones.

3 stone diamond rings18K White Gold or Platinum 3 stone diamond ring

Look to the heavens to see the fire of this 2.50 ct. princess cut with a .45ct. trillion on each side G color, VS clarity. Falling stars, comets galore, all pale in comparison to the glow of this heavenly body. You won't need a full moon to see it or to fall in love again. Can be manufactured in white gold or platinum. Check our loose diamonds pages to select your beautiful stones.

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Three-Stone Diamond Rings

What To Look For When Buying A Three-Stone Diamond Ring

The 3-stone diamond ring is one of the hottest jewelry design trends of the decade. De Beers hit the jewelry jackpot when it introduced the three-stone ring in the late 1990s. The idea was the culmination of the company's half-century campaign to make the diamond the gem of choice for any and every special occasion - from engagements and weddings to anniversaries, birthdays and holidays.

In the case of the diamond three-stone ring, the jewelry/diamonds are a symbol of lifelong commitment - one diamond each for the past, present and future of the relationship. But if buying a single-stone diamond ring requires close inspection of the diamond and its mounting, buying a diamond three-stone ring takes triple care and caution.

What to look for when buying a 3-Stone diamond ring

Colored Or Colorless Diamonds?

Some peole are a little confused about fancy colored diamonds; some think that the more colorless they are, the more valuable they are. On the other hand, some of the colored diamonds are worth more then the colorless ones. You just need to understand about diamonds and how the colored ones are worth more then the colorless ones.

It is true that fine colorless diamonds are generally more valuable than colored diamonds. However there are exceptions. The pink, blue and canary yellow diamonds can be more valuable when they occur naturally in nature and are not artificially colored.

All crystals of gem materials have a refractive index which is how the stone bends light for reflection and refraction. If the stone is cut properly the light should be reflected back out of the top of the stone so all you see is sparkle and light reflected. If you look down the center of the stone and you can see right through it, read through, you can read a paper without distortion then you have a 'window' you can see through. Properly cut gems should not have a 'window' in the middle.

How is a diamond cut

Diamonds are usually the best cut and most of the time you cannot see through a diamond from the back since all the light is reflected back out through the table. Colored stones rarely are cut as well diamonds and they have much lower refractives indices so have to be cut much differently. Most cutters of colored stones try to get the color in the bottom of the pavilion so it will reflect evenly throughout the stone.

The concntration of color on the girdle is because it is the thickest part of the stone usually. Paler color is usualy due to the color zoning in the crystal and sometimes the cut can help but not always. The window in colored stones has nothing to do with color but mainly with the cut.

Black diamonds are one of the few stones that alot of people would like to have. When it comes to colored stones you may wonder if the colored stones come out of the ground already colored. The answer is yes, they are that color out of the ground. Mostly the white stones are more valuable. However some of the large rare colors, if they are very clean, can demand high prices. It depends on the size and clarity and how pretty the color is and how rare it is. Usually diamond producing areas are quite vast and a number of different variations of colorless to pale yellow and brown or gray colors of diamonds can be found in a certain mine. There are exceptions. The diamond mines in Australia have high concentrations of unusually fancy colored diamonds.

So, if you decide to buy one of the 3 stone diamond rings, you have a choice of colorless or fancy colored diamonds, depending upon your tastes and budget.


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