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Major Diamond Shapes

Diamond Certificates

Diamond certificates from independent organizations such as the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) provide a diamond grading report, that gives you valuable information about the 4 C's that were taken into consideration when the diamond was priced.

It's important that you be sure to get the diamond's certificate that you are interested in.

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Reasons to have Diamond Certificates

How do you know your diamond is certified?

Certificates and Appraisals

While understanding the 4 C’s in determining how to buy a diamond, you should also learn how to read diamond certificates. These certificates describe in detail the facts about the diamond in its unmounted state. Perhaps you have a specific diamond you want to have professionally appraised by an independent organization.

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Diamonds are Forever

diamond anniversary ringSome time ago you both made a promise. A promise to each other. Now it’s time to recognise that you both meant that promise, and that now you both still mean it.

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The Major Diamond Shapes

Diamonds are Available in Many Different Shapes

Today, the diamond has evolved into a symbol of eternal love for many, and is available in a variety of cuts. Here you will find an overview of common diamond shapes that are commonly used in jewelry design.

round diamondsRound: The round cut diamond is the most popular choice for jewelry such as diamond rings, with the circle commonly representing never-ending love and harmonious balance. Creating a finished round shape diamond requires sacrificing more rough than any other diamond cut.

marquise diamondsMarquise: A marquise shaped diamond is elongated, typically half as wide as it is long, with pointed ends. Said to be inspired by the smile of a mistress of King Louis XIV named Marquise de Pompadour, the marquise shaped diamond has royal insinuations.

pear diamondsPear: The pear cut diamond, also known as the drop cut, appears to be a cross between the round and marquise shapes. A pear cut diamond may appear wide on the rounded end or may have a more elongated shape.

heart shaped diamondsHeart: The heart shaped diamond requires considerable skill to produce. The heart cut is similar to a pear cut diamond, but incorporates two connected rounded edges where the pear shaped cut has one.

oval diamondsOval: An oval shaped diamond looks just as you may imagine, like an elongated round cut diamond. The longer length causes an oval cut diamond to appear larger than a round cut diamond with the equivalent caratweight.

princess diamondsPrincess: Only around since 1980, a princess shape diamond is a perfect square with ninety degree angled corners. A minimal amount of rough is lost in cutting and polishing a princess shape diamond.

emerald diamondsEmerald: An emerald cut diamond is reminiscent of the way emerald gems are typically cut, and appears like a shortened rectangle with beveled corners.

cushion diamondCushion: The cushion shape diamond has been around since the 1800s, but has experienced a recent surge in popularity. The square shape rounded on the sides and corners is renowned for its vintage appearance.

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